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3 Atomic Habits to Boost Your Productivity

Like what ChooseFI loves to say: you can just get better by 1% everyday. By improving some simple habits, we can slowly but surely become better versions of ourselves. So here are 3 habits that boosts my productivity, and hopefully they can also help you. 

1# workout in the morning

I have tried working out in the morning and evening. For me, working out in the morning is more effective. Here are some reasons why evening workouts is not my thing:

  1. It took too much mental power to get my tired bum off of the couch (especially when the Sex Life of College Girls episode was extra spicy- hey, who doesn’t want to see Leighton and Alicia get back together?)
  2. It lessens the effects of the feel good chemicals on my mental state. Since I’m working out two hours before sleep time, the only happy thing I would be doing is tap dancing my way to bed. 

Thus I’m back to exercising in the morning. And here are some reasons why I love it so much. One, It feels so good to do something hard first thing in the morning, especially if said hard thing can chemically trick my brain into feeling better. #exercisebestdrug. Two, when I get stressed from work, my shoulders and mid back become hard as rocks! I use the tail end of my exercise time to stretch and release those tight muscles. This way I can reset my body to a non-stressed state on a weekly basis. Also, this ensures that I can decrease the chances of getting work related injuries years down the line. Three, I feel really proud of myself after my workouts because I chose to do the “harder” thing, and this sense of confidence follows me throughout my day! I’m more likely to tackle harder things like buying a domain name, or signing up for siteground for the first time.

Here’s a quick summary:

  1. I feel happy (and kinda high) without doing drugs
  2. I can stretch and recover my body from work
  3. I feel accomplished by doing something hard

2# podcast at 2x speed

This one legit blows my mind and now I can’t un-blow it. This habit first started when I was listening to the ChooseFI podcast while working out. I got frustrated because the episodes are an hour long EACH. So I thought there must be a way to listen to more episodes in less time. 🤔From there my journey started. First 1.25x, then 1.5x and then straight to 2.0x. Now I can’t go back… It just feels so efficient! Like I can get high from working out and learning at the same time. Double high, the best kind of high. So Apple, when are you gonna add the 2.25x, 2.5x, 2.75x and 3x into the speed options?

Here’s a quick summary of the perks of speed running podcasts

  1. Efficiency. Period. 

3# wake up early (6-6:30 AM)

Okay, today (April 7, 2023) is my first time waking up at 6 so we’ll need to wait and see how long this can go. I usually wake up around 6:30 and then go work out, but I wanted to fit in a writing session in the morning. I tried writing sessions in the evening before and a similar problem occurred: I didn’t have the energy to make the right but harder choice, and thus I continued to watch Adventure Times… Also, the biggest advantage to waking up early is that I would have more time for fun. Yes, some may say that I can just sleep later. I understand where that’s coming from and thank you for the feedback. I tried that. Unfortunately, it didn’t really work for me because I’m not a night owl. So whenever I stay up late, I can’t even enjoy the shows I’m watching because I’m not taking anything in. Like I’m just drifting. 

Here’s a quick summary of the perks of the early bird crew:

  1. Easier to make the harder but more beneficial choices 
  2. Have more time for fun!!


Here are the 3 little healthy habits again:

  1. Work out first thing in the morning
  2. Listen to podcasts at 2x speed
  3. Wake up early 

Hopefully you were able to take one thing away. Let’s get 1% better together ☝️

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