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Three (more) Atomic Habits to Boost Your Productivity

A healthy life starts with healthy habits. In a previous post, I talked about healthy habits like: working out in the morning, listening to podcasts at 2x speed, and waking up early. Now let’s talk about three more atomic habits to boost your productivity. 

1# Reading and reflecting 

This habit is a part of my evening routine. My goal for this habit is small: read for one to fifteen minutes and then reflect on the day for one to five minutes. You might think “what the heck? Read for 1 minute, doesn’t that equal to three sentences?”

Well my friend, that’s exactly my goal. Because on work days, I’m usually so exhausted that if I need to do anything hard for more than one to two minutes, I just won’t do it. My goal is to perform the habit repeatedly until it gets integrated into my subconscious. 

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The results will speak for me. Since the start of 2023, I’ve been able to read six books: 

  1. Playing With FIRE
  2. The Wealthy Barber Returns
  3. Quit Like a Millionaire
  4. The Archer
  5. Beat the Bank
  6. 5 Years to Freedom: A Canadian Guide to Early Retirement

Currently, I’m reading Work Optional by Tanja Hester and two more books on freelance writing. 

The biggest take away is that I’m lazy, and I’m decision-fatigued during the evening. Thus in order to work around these weaknesses, I try to make the harder but healthier choice super duper easy. 

2# 30 Minute Fun Session

This habit is another revelation of the year! I used to binge watch YouTube, anime or movies for hours at a time during evenings. There were many days where I looked up at the clock to see that I’ve couch potato-ed for two or three hours. My sleep schedule was a pendulum too, sometimes I’d sleep around 10PM while other nights I’d sleep around 12:30 AM. 

I discovered that I’m more in control with my evening down time when I break it up into shorter sessions. Here are several benefits:

  1. I get to calm down from the YouTube video or movie and realize that I don’t need to keep watching until I’m drop dead tired.This way I can stay consistent with how much YouTube I watch per night. 
  2. My body stays mobile because I get up every 30 minutes. While I’m up and moving, I’ll floss, brush my teeth and wash my face.
  3. My eyes get to take a break so hopefully my eyesight doesn’t get any worse XD
Breaking up fun sessions with getting-ready-for-bed-procedures allows me to maintain a consistent sleep schedule

3# Most Important Task of the Day 

This is a tip from Tim Ferris’ Book “The 4 Hour Work Week”. In the book, Tim explains that if you only want to work four hours a week, you need to laser focus your energy on important tasks. He prompts us to ask ourselves “if I were to only complete one task today, which task would be the most impactful?” After we have our answer, tackle it at the start of the day.

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I benefit so much from focusing my energy because I’m the type of person who wants to do everything all at once. But I found out from experience that jamming my day with one hundred things doesn’t guarantee productivity. In actuality, it led to more burnouts. 

I’ve found that my peak performance hours are between 6:30 AM and 12:30 PM, with each peak performance session lasting around twenty-five to thirty minutes. To optimize my productivity, I prioritize the most important task of the day during the morning hours and break it down into twenty-five-minute intervals

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