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How To Start Your FI Journey

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So you’re a twinge more interested in FI now. Well, the good news for you is that there are high quality contents made by the FI senpai’s already.  However it might be tough to find them in the vast, vast digital ocean, so allow me to be the guide and point you to these starting points.

#1 “The why of fi” by Choosefi

I know I know, you might want to start with solutions to the question “How do I get to FI?” Yes, the mechanics of achieving financial independence is important, but I would like to argue that having a strong purpose/ why is very important as well.

Here’s my story: 

There was an early morning that was rainy and grey. My head was cottony, and my mouth was as dry as a dessert. With some eye boogers at the corners of my eye, I sat in the dining room and listened the rain spatter across the windows. My heart was heavy as I thought about my long walk to the bus station.

 I really didn’t want to go to work today. My head hurt, my arm hurt, my back hurt, heck even my eyeballs hurt. I asked myself “Why am I doing this?” Then I suddenly remembered:

I see myself standing at a beach soaked in the orange dusk. My hair is flapping in the salty wind. My heart is light as it dances to the ebb and flow of clapping waves. A soft smile sits on my face. My eyes are closed. I feel free. 

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I have a purpose for working so hard. I have a why: I want to be free. I want it so much that I can feel the tingles in my chest and fingers as I write this sentence. And if going to work in this horrible rain is what gets me one step closer to this freedom, then I’m willing to go. I know that every day I go to work, and every 50% of my paycheck I put towards my investments, I’m one day closer to freedom. After this day dreaming episode, I finished my breakfast and walked out the door with a lighter heart.

I have a why. I want to be free. I want to stand there at that beach for as long as I frickin’ want. I want the breeze in my hair; I want the salty ocean in my nostrils; I want the clapping waves in my ears. I want to be free. What do you want? What do you want so bad that you’re willing to take a step and then another on days when you would rather sit and stare?

#2 “The pillars of fi” by Choosefi

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Ahhh, here it is! These are some concrete steps anyone can take to get themselves closer to FI. The Pillars of FI episode talks about 10 different “pillars” to reach FI by examining how much you spend on cars, houses, food, and even phone bills. This episode will help you see if your expenses are truly worth every hard-earned dollar. 

This episode also provides tips on decreasing your expenses and directing the money towards debt payments and or investments. The overall message of The Pillars of FI is that by controlling the many different “pillars” you can accelerate your path towards reaching financial independence. 

#3 “Fi school course” by eat sleep breath fi

This could be your one stop shop to start your FI journey if you really want to keep things simple. This course is split into three sections: FI Basics, FI Boosters and FI extensions. It starts off by building a strong financial base by tackling topics such as: FI 101, frugality and savings and tracking expenses. Yes, these topics may not sound as sexy as investing, but just like building a house, having a strong base makes the structure much more stable. 

The second section, FI Boosters, gives you even more ways to accelerate your path to FI by talking about tax optimization, side hustles, and travel hacking.

 And the third section focuses on the mindset of FI, because after incorporating the tactical steps of decreasing your expenses and increasing your income, there will most likely be a period of asset accumulation before you reach FI. So what then? The third section helps you think about topics like happiness, personal growth, and estate planning. 

Oof, that’s a lot of mindblowing info. And yes, the learning curve at the beginning does tend to be a little steeper. But don’t worry, you don’t have to learn everything today, or tomorrow or even in a month. It’s okay to just learn one thing. Listen to one podcast episode. Click on one link. Just get started. Take action. 

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